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Default Re: 75 gallon tank stand build

Originally Posted by RickRS View Post
A lot of the problems with stains come down to the wood and how soft, open pore areas soak up lots and hard, closed pore area don't. I haven't figured out the best way to control that. Still learning.
Amen. I've been building furniture on the side for about 6 years now and this is by far the worst part of the project. It's extremely time consuming and it can be so touchy. There was one suggestion that was given to me, but I've been to hesitant to try it. Pending the type of wood (usually soft wood, not your nice grained hard woods), I was told to put a light coat of clear non-gloss poly down first. This would help seal some of the pours so as to more evenly coat the project. I see where this could work and where it could be a bigger problem if you were very even with you coverage.

In any event, I love framing of the top with the molding style routed edge. The poplar facing stained up well and the openness of the cabinet is very inviting. I'm curious to see it with the tank and all of the equipment in there. Are you planning on a door or anything? Could look really nice with a framed out door that just pressure fits in the opening if it's to cluttered. A+ all the way around though.

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