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Default Re: NEC thread...March 25-27

I came, I shopped, I conquered!

Bought me some new scrimpies LOL - and also got 3x 10g tanks for my summer invert plotting, and a sexed pair of L340 zebra plecos which I hope will breed in the next 6-8 mos. or so. Emphasis on the "hope" - plecos are weird like that. Also got to swap some stuff with Gordon, finally - got my hands on some sweet top yellow sword endler's to mix with my black bars - hoping to get something cool, or at least mix up the genes a bit (my entire colony being descended from a few pairs).

New shrimply acquisitions include:
-12+ Malawa shrimp (Caridina pareparensis parvidentata)
-10 Indian White Banded shrimp (Caridina sp. "Indian White Banded)
-8 Red Claws (Macrobrachium hendersoni)
-6 Green Shrimp (Caridina cf. babaulti 'Green')
-4 Zebra Shrimp (C. cf. babaulti 'stripes')

Anyway, I brought the auction purchases home this evening, only to find my biggest mama swordtail gave birth today (which is a relief; I was afraid she was going to explode if she got any fatter). Spent a half hour fishing out swordtail fry and transferring them to the 20L Heterandria colony to grow out with their older siblings.

In other news, I am totally broke (the check from the NEC auction won't come for a week or two at least) - so if anyone would like to buy some of my stock, please do let me know.

Also finally collected my CO2 tank from John (thanks man!). Now I just need to collect my regulator kit... and figure out what tank I'm using this for.
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