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Originally Posted by khanzer22 View Post
Did you, Mike and Collene, finished the auction? That's one long auction for sure! I stayed there for more than 6hrs but half of the items are still for auction, crazy!

The fish I got (pseudomugils and phoenix rasboras) were already in my 57gal, but the pseudomugil's eggs I don't know what to do with them haha!
Nah, we bailed maybe an hour after you, Michael had to go to a family event and we'd carpooled so I had to migrate with him. Most of the interesting stuff had sold already, anyway.

As for those eggs, maybe stick them in a fry net or a 2.5g tank? Hatch 'em out in some green water, raise 'em 'til they're too big to eat, and put 'em in w/ their parents.
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