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Originally Posted by asukawashere View Post
But anyway, I'm not sure how much of what I'm bringing back is suitable for your tank, Bruno. The mollies grow to 4-5" and need very warm water (i.e. 80 degrees), the Erios, Lilaeopsis, and Hydrocotyle are all very light-needy plants. The vals would be okay, excepting that the "smaller" specimen I sent back is about 3 feet tall.

I suppose the mosquitofish would be okay, they're just... kinda grey and boring. I can give you some fry when they breed (and they will breed), but their only useful function is to eat mosquitos in stagnant puddles - the ones that I sent back are going to be on skeeter control duty in my outdoor plant tubs.

Anyway, if I see anything that might be suitable, I'll snag it for you. Just don't expect a smorgasbord of suitable plant species.
Thanks for the consideration, but I was being purely facetious. I'm actually well-stocked at the moment and I want to hold off on any additional plants until summer.
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