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Default Re: Field trip!!!!!

Well, good to hear your tank is doing well at least.

In other news, New Orleans appears to be more or less devoid of aquatic plants. The Mississippi River is a giant pile of silt and mud that has nothing but rocks along its banks, and the city is (still) filled to the brim with drunk people, especially in the evening. I wish I could've spent the last day and a half in Florida, where there was mre variety.

Anyway, we're flying home this afternoon and should be in by the evening. With luck, my mollies will arrive today and be waiting for me when I get home.

Kristina says the killies are doing fine and the nerites haven't really moved. Of course, they are snails, so I'm not sure if that's a good sign. They weren't moving much when I collected them, either. o_O'

We spent yesterday at the Audubon Aqarium of the Americas, which was pretty darn neat. The amazon river exhibits needed a bit more thought put into the comfort of the fish - a few vals or something would have given the discus in one tank a lot more security, and for the life of me I can't figure out why the main plant featured in the Amazon tanks was an Aponogeton ulvaceus (an African plant), but at least it was a nice looking Aponogeton.

Also, I tried to pet a stingray, and it decided to splash water all over the front of me. It's lucky I like fish...

On the other hand, the tank of ginormous Redtail catfish were awesome.

And I loved the big gulf pier tank.

Photos later, when I decide to not be lazy.
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