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Default Re: PAR data collection

10 October 2011

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. Use a new form for each aquarium. You can also submit the information on the DFWAPC forum on Aquatic Plant Central and it will be immediately available for everyone.

Aquarium size 15 gallon Long, 24" x 12" x 12" tall
(gallons and dimensions)

Type of light fixture AND reflector Cheap clip on desk lamp with white paint as reflector
(power compact, T5 NO, metal halide, mirror polish reflector, white paint, mylar, etc.)

Number of lamps, bulbs, or tubes, and wattage 1 x 26 Watt spiral CFL
(examples: “2 T5 HO tubes, 24 w” or “1 metal halide 150 w”)

Age of lamps, bulbs, or tubes ~1 month

Other information GE, 6500 K
(brand, color temperature, spectrum, etc.)

Distance from light fixture to substrate 20” (8” above waterline)

PAR VALUES MEASURED AT SUBSTRATE: at substrate 14; just under water 49
(Tip: you may want to measure PAR in several different locations. You can report multiple measurements, or calculate an average.)

Comments This tank is a rimless with a vine growing from the hob across the back of the tank, so I have the fixture tilted to put light on the tank and vine. Less than optimum par values are expected at the substrate.
(Are there other conditions affecting light levels? What types of plants do you grow? Was the meter easy to use? Were you surprised by the results?)

Thank You!

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