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Default Re: PAR data collection

Niko, quick correction--the 40 gallon you describe belongs to Virc003, not me. I've been making a few minor changes to my 40, and will post PAR results soon.

I hope everyone is as excited about the club owning a PAR meter as I am. For the first time, we can actually measure light levels, instead of guessing based on wattage, charts, traditional advice, etc. We are all in for some big surprises, and will learn some big lessons.

To Niko's observations on natural light in a pond vs. artificial light in aquaria, I will add another surprise. I've posted PAR info for my 10 gallon--the one that has 60 PAR with just a cheap spiral CF. As an experiment, I put that same fixture on my 40 gallon. Now this tank normally has a dual tube T5 NO Coralife fixture (the brand I love to hate) on it, and it gives about 30-35 PAR at the substrate.

The cheap desk light with the cheap SCF in it gave 60 PAR in the 40 gallon too! So why are we paying $100s for special aquarium fixtures when we can get twice the light for $10 worth of stuff from the hardware store?
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