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Default Re: PAR data collection

just tested my tank.

par data collection, 10/23/2011.

aquarium size 45 cube (24x18x24)... oceanic.

type of light fixture zoo med 2 bulb t5 h.o.(high output). square reflector both bulbs use the same reflector.

number of bulbs 2 t5 h.o. 24w each bulb so 48w total

age of bulbs 4-5 months old.

other info.
one is a gisemann midday (6,000k) the other is a coralife colormax.

distance from light fixture to substrate is 22 inches. my light fixtures is 2 inches from the top of the tank using the legs that came with it.

the surface par when the sensor being right in the water gave a reading of 71.
at the substrate... the sensor gave me a reading of 22.

comments. I bought the zoomed hoping to have medium light on this tank. it turns out that I only have low light which isn't to bad. the fixture was bought new for 65.00 so it was money well spent.

plants i'm growing are misc- cryptocornye(crypts). , misc anubias, java fern, and some type of hyprophill. the meter was easy to use it reminds me of a engine diagnostics reader. i'm wanting to go to medium- high light. so i have a 4 bulb t5 h.o. light fixture and going to see what the reading are with that.
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