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Default Re: PAR data collection

just did another test on my tank.

par data collection, 10/24/2011.

aquarium size 45 cube (24x18x24)... oceanic.

type of light fixture current sundial 4 bulb t5 h.o.(high output). cured single reflector all bulbs use the same reflector.

number of bulbs 4 t5 h.o. 24w each bulb so 96w total

age of bulbs 4-5 months old on 2 of them, and 2 new bulbs just bought yesterday and put in this morning.

other info.
one is a gisemann midday (6,000k) one a coralife colormax(purpleish/pinkish bulb), and the other 2 are new coralife 6,700k.

distance from light fixture to substrate is 22 inches. my light fixtures is on the top of the tank,can't find the legs that came with it.

the surface par using one new coral life 6,700k and the 4-5 month old color max, when the sensor being right in the water gave a reading of 108.
at the substrate... the sensor gave me a reading of 15.

using the other new coral life 6,700k and gisemann 6,000k at the surface was 107, and soil was 20.

now for the kicker and surprize. all 4 bulbs on. (2 new coral life 6,700k, a 4-5 month old coral life colormax, and a 4-5 month old gisemann 6,000k) - surface was bouncing with numbers from 265- 326 then slow down and gave a 312 reading. at the soil it gave a reading of 53.

comments. I bought the current fixture to put over my saltwater tank, but don't need much light, so i have now switch the fixtures around. the zoo med is on the salt, and the current is on the planted.

plants i'm growing are misc- cryptocornye(crypts). , misc anubias, java fern, and some type of hyprophill. the meter was easy to use it reminds me of a engine diagnostics reader. after the reading, i will be switching the plants out and wanting to trade them for stem plants, and harder to grow fore ground plants.
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