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Default Re: DIY Acrylic Lily pipes, Drop checkers, etc - Pic Heavy

filling the tube with sand or something is a good idea. As far as the flaring, from what I remember in the video, he heated one end, piched it **** with some pliers and then blew into it to create a bubble. Then he cut part of the bubble away to creat the flared end.

Originally Posted by tokyo View Post
I haven't seen the video, but believe you fill the tube with fine grain sand to prevent the tube from losing it's shape and volume while bending. At least this is the way I have seen it done before in other applications.

This a great DIY. And just in time for a project I have in the works!

Has anyone tried flaring out the end of the tube to imitate the ADA lily pipes? I may have to try just see how it turns out.

Was the drop checker in the missing photos or am I just not seeing it?
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