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Default Re: So, this snowstorm...

Outage was fortunately brief - no generator required, thankfully. Hopefully the power will stay on through the night, or the fish and shrimp and I will all be popsicles by morning.

Snow in October around here is unusual but not unheard of - but typically it's just flurries that don't stick, or a light dusting. This kind of accumulation is record-shattering. And because it was so warm so recently, most of our trees still have plenty of leaves on them o_O' Thus all the downed power lines.

Feels like only a few weeks ago (more like a month and a half, but still...) we were still mopping up the damage and outages from Irene. Now we have blizzards to deal with.

All things considered, I'd prefer the cyclone. At least when we lost power then it was warm. o_O'
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