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Default Re: glutaraldehyde instead of excel

Hi wet,

It looks like you have made a good start on it but it has two issues.

First why are we using 1.6% instead of the Seachem Excel concentration of 1.5% as the target concentration? The resulting concentration is about 7% stronger than Excel and requires 7% more Glut/Metricide/etc to formulate.

The second issue is a "bug". If I indicate I are using 5% Glut as your source solution the result indicates I am using a 10% source solution and indicates an incorrect amount (by 50%) to add.

Here are some screen shots of the Glut calculator verses wet's calculator for the same volume and concentrations. Disregard the cost/ml and Total columns, they do not apply to this calculation.

I'll stick with the Excel based Glut calculator on my computer at this point; but this is a good start for an online version.


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