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Default Re: 2012 NEC Convention Planning (Enter Scaping Contest Here)

We don't have access to a projector - if someone wants to volunteer a laptop, we could run a presentation on that, but leaving a laptop out on a table for 3 days potentially unattended sounded like a bad idea to me...

I have no problem making 2 binders, or even a larger portfolio-type display (I can print photos up to 11x17" if the resolution is good enough). My concern with the frames is a.) having to buy a gazillion of them, and b.) there being more little pieces to knock over and whatnot.

Of course it's all moot if y'all don't send me your photos! I need them as far in advance as you can swing it - I can't format them all the night before, after all!

Also, I'm trying to arrange to transport a 55g tank to house the emersed, high-humidity display... anybody willing to help bring it over/tear it down? A thank hat big won't fit in my car LOL.
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