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Originally Posted by digital_gods View Post
I am in the active development of building my own LED lights for my aquariums. My first led controller protype failed but I've hit the drawing board to change my building process into a printed circuit board instead of a rats nest of wires.

For now I'm running power compacts on my 90g and 10g. By end of summer, my goal is to have converted to LEDs. If you hang tight, i will have something to share in a couple of weeks.

My current position i stay fresh, or go to the salty side of things. I have a 75 gallon with CO2 and no light worthy of anything. I can spend a bunch on a decent light (i don't want T5) or I can get a ready made smaller reef setup.

If so, I have a 75 Gallon to sell, complete with backdrop, stand, canopy, an assortment of lights, and a CO2 system. If someone is interested in any/all of it, let me know quick. I may end up trading it in.
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