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Originally Posted by Raul-7
Sean should be our test-subject. He is already succesful with Lace plants(he has one that is 9yrs old and flowers constantly)
Originally Posted by Corigan
Good luck crypt farmer.

That post had neither my usual sig nor my usual avatar, you must both frequent the PT forum.

I picked up C. minima, C. griffithii, C. albida, C. purpurea as species new to me.

He also had a C. blassii that was from 'tissue culture' that I selected a few of. It is completely different from any other C. blassii I have seen.

If anyone is looking for nice regular C. blassii, which might be a form of C. cordata, with nice elliptical leaves, deep green on top and strong red on the bottom, he has some. I bought my C. moehlmannii and C. nuri from him last fall, both are doing well. The C albida I just bought had few roots, but it is already taking off like others in the crispatula group do.

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