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Default Re: DIY aquarium stand lots of photos - first ever woodworking project

Originally Posted by Victorlee View Post
Just a suggestion on the nail hole/filler problem. save some of your sanding waste, mix it with a clear setting glue like Elmers, and counter sink the nails a bit, put the resulting paste in the holes and when dry sand and stain, being the same wood it should take the stain the same way.
Is this an idea, or have you actually tried this?

If you get any Elmer's anywhere on any part of the wood before staining, the stain will not penetrate. A drip, a streak near a join, any speck of glue will seal the wood pores and prevent any stain from working. You can use paints and solid (deck) stains because those are films on the surface of the wood.

If anyone wants to try this idea, test it on a waste piece, or inside the stand out of sight. If you are using a very light stain, or natural wood, it might work. I tend to think not even then, depending on your awareness of finishes. Four or five coats of gloss black, fine steel-wooled between each ought to fix anything you are not pleased with.
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