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Hm...those cherris sound kindda familiar? I think I have seen them in my tanks before:P Yeah, Ike, I have only just seen those red-nosed there yesterday, along with some wood shrimp. So, I took my chance and got myself 6 for $12. Not a bad deal, in my opinion, consider how much they would cost if you buy them on-line.

Speaking about shrimps, I always do some kindda shrimp giveaway or trade during the Fall/Winter/Spring as those times are best for shipping live things. If you are interested I can put you on the list. These are cherry shrimps.

In terms of living cost, is Nebraska higher or lower than Houston? I know the latter is definitely hotter; no question Also, consider the plus and minus of Houston, I think the plus outweighs the minus when you compare it to other cities in US. Sure, the weather is hot but that's about the only down side; it only lasts for 3 months. We have pretty much everything as far as this hobby goes. Not to mention great foods, too! In other areas, you'd have to settle for: Earth quakes, Hurricanes, Crazy snows, super high taxes......terrorist attacks?! So, have I done enough to convince you to move here in the near future? If so, then allow me to pre-say,"Welcome to Houston!"
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