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Default Filtration Capacity...This is ONLY a Test...

Well, I am testing the effects of filtration one variable at a time, which has proved to involve a lot more math than I expected. I have had to learn terms such as "pretty close", "close enough" and "just about."

So here's the test. I took a JBJ PicoTope 3 gal and set it up with a Red Sea 60 filter, which is pretty much the going rate filter for a tank this size. But to make sure I had at least one variable out of whack for the test I set the 9 watt fixture aside and grabbed the hood off of my spare 10 gallon and put on twin 10 watt bulbs for a total of 20 watts "twisty" lighting. I added foil baffles on the edge of the bulb fixtures to prevent a lot of light loss since the fixture is not very light efficient.

I am using old, established substrate at about 2" deep, and emmergent vegetation that will survive, but will also release LOADS of organics as the leaves decompose to simulate an overloaded system. I am feeding betta flakes at a rate that is "pretty close" to what i'd feed a dozen neon tetras, or maybe 5 female bettas, which is a bit much for this size tank to begin with.

The goal is to see what happens given a certain regimen under one filtration system and what happens with changing only the filtration CAPACITY...not flow rate. I'll change other things later on, but for now filter capacity is variable 1 (or V1 if you like to label things).

I'll post the first two weeks plus system stats in the next post with the first set of pics. I started this 2 weeks this will be just as soon as I can eat a bite with the kids...

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