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Default re: Filtration Capacity...This is ONLY a Test...

For the test filter, I took my spare 10 gallon tank, a small 5-drawer Sterlite organizer, 5 ft of 1/2" ID tubing, 8 ft of 3/8" ID tubing, some 1/2" pvc pipe, and a water pump.

The pump is rated at 150gph at 0-head and runs down to 0gph at 4.1'. In order to get my flow "close enough" to the original flow rate I needed have between 40-44" of head. I ended up with 42", and ran the pump outlet through the old filter's intake, which has a baffle built in for variable flow rates. I have it pretty darn close to what it was...

Here's about what I did...

Step 1 - move all of this mess to a room less likely to encounter a kick from a child, which would result in unhappiness.

Then I built an overflow. I did not drill a check-valve tap like I have seen elsewhere. The purpose is to get the air out and the water in, over the edge of the tank. This overflow is small enough that I could just turn the whole assemply under water in such as way as to release the air myself, then I plugged it all up until it was set in position. Then I opened up my hole at the end cap to prevent the siphon effect, and attached the drain hose. Perfect...the second time around...I made a couple of mistakes in the design at first, but that's another discussion altogether.

Click image for larger version

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You can see the the water is slightly about the top of the pipe. This has to do with physics and with the flow rate. In a larger volume aquarium it's not all that big a deal, but in something this small it means the difference between an aquarium and a mess on the dresser and floor. It's function is a typical overflow.

Click image for larger version

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And this is the exit...

Click image for larger version

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It drains into the new filter, which would be like a sump. The stack organizer acts as a wet/dry set up. I had to play with the number of holes for the flow rate, but have about 1/2" of water in each of the top three trays. The bottom 2 are removed because they are at the water level.

Click image for larger version

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Tray 1 is what was in the original filter. It hardly even looks like there's anything in there, and I did this only to demonstrate I have maintained the same flow rate, and now have my original filtration media, plus now beneath that I have another filter insert, and then a mass of poly-fiber. It's a polyester curtain screen fabric that's been in a box for many years. Melinda told me not to throw them out because we'd eventually use them...this is probably not what she had in mind
Click image for larger version

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