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Default Re: Filtration Capacity...This is ONLY a Test...

[QUOTE=Yo-han;635332]It's a good site isn't it (I'm dutch as well so easy reading)! Unfortunate the man who wrote it is not among us anymore. Would have loved to conversate with him....[QUOTE]

Yes, I was pretty striken to read that the guy is not around any more.

I don't know if you realize but the information on that site can not be found on any English speaking forum. Most of us understand aquariums on a very low level. For example I can bet that most people believe that there is only one kind of bacteria in their filters - the one that converts Ammonia to Nitrate. And I bet that many people do not know that this kind of bacteria is not dominating the biofilter.

The website answered many questions that we normally do not have an answer for. Mudboot's experiment, this Dutch site, and a large Ukrainian website devoted to the minute details of running a planted tank are a good mix to make a very informative series of articles about planted tanks.
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