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Default Re: glutaraldehyde instead of excel

I have question to those who use glutaraldehyde. Friend of mine is trying to get rid of BBA in his 40 gal tank and dosing Metricide 28. Nothing seems to change, he is dosing 20 ml every day, nothing at. BBA is still there. So does this thing really works as Excel? I took 1 sp. from his tank and now is in 20 gal tank with no other plants. I also tried dosing the same amount. 20 ml in 20 high tank. Still BBA is there? so what are we missing here? 1 thing I can think about is Instead of using RI/DO water we use plain NYC super soft water? Could this be the cause?

According to Wets calculator this is the mix ratio.

500ml container- 300ml of metricide and 200ml of RO/DI water?

While dosing this stuff, do I need to turn off water movement. filter, powerhead etc? This Metricide gallon was purchased a month ago, so i don't think it expired already and is stored in cool dark place under the counter.

Not only BBA, which is tough but also does nothing to GSA as well in his tank. If you need further more info. I can provide.

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