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Default Re: glutaraldehyde instead of excel

Originally Posted by Aquaticz View Post
I mix according to wets calculator
I dose like so - everyday

40 gal - 20 ml
75 gal - 40 ml
55 gal - 30 ml
26 gal - 15 ml
BBA is nasty - best way I found was to apply with a syringe when doing a water changes. So when 50 % of the water is out I dose the usual amount plus another 10 ML directly to the BBA once all filters power heads etc are off & the tank has zero current. I try to bathe the area in a cloud of glut for at least 10 minutes. The next day its pink I have one particular set up that has more BBA than I like but I am sure it has to do with circulation - which is one of the reasons i am going to re scape that tank.

Aren't you over over dosing?
Tips from Wets calculator Site...

-Common dosing is 1mL/10gal of this solution daily or every other day.
-Dose 5mL/10gal after water changes.
-Many folks double or triple the daily dose as an algaecide.
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