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Default Re: Nacogdoches Depressional Weltand Trip

I was able to go to a site that is "supposed" to have L.pilosa, but it was not flowering yet. I took a few pics but will wait to post them until I can get back into my office, which may be a while. I will be back in Nac at another site August 6-9th, so hopefully it's more mature by then.

I collected some of the L.pilosa candidate, plus some Gratiola virginiana and some Proserpinaca palustris, both of which were in full stride as far as flowers and/or fruits go, which made ID much easier. I chunked a big wad of each in my picotope just to see what happens. Now I have to figure out what to do with all the Anubias I removed....

If the Gratiola remnants stay alive in the ziplock until I can get back to my office I might put them in my Wetland tank. I am thinking of eventually using all natives in there.
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