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Default Bragging rights!!!

Okay...most of you that know me know that I frown on bragging. But...for the club, I just have to make a shout-out on some things.

1) We just got notice in the mail that a scape we entered in to AGA/ADA 2012 ranked 618 out of 2,021....that's in the top third world-wide...and it was a LOW-TECH, FILTERLESS tank!

2) And not only that, but we have released two brand new plants, never before ID'd or used in the hobby that we collected just by doing some field trips...LOCALLY! They are:

Ludwigia sphaerocarpa:


Ludwigia glandulosa x palustris (this is NOT the palustris variant that had floated around some years ago that would never survive long submersed):

3) And to top it all off, we've actually got 2 more, possibly 3, plants in trial right now that have never been seen in the hobby (that we know of).

How cool is that?! Okay, that's all I wanted to say.

By the way, next HAAPS meeting will be the second weekend of December. We'll announce the location later.
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