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Default Re: Thinking of changing my reactor... Opinions are welcome

Originally Posted by mrkookm View Post
I prefer having the water enter right at the tip of the cone as opposed to that setup. The base of mine I wanted flat mainly so that it would make exiting more difficult since its not coned and directing water out. The other benefit is that it stand on its own.

from my iP 5 via Tapa.
Unfortunately some cencessions will need to be made to make it fit with my set up. For example the output on the bottom will be a short 3/4" pvc pipe that will run directly into my inline heater. Even it might not be ideal I am hopefully be much better than what I have now. Do you see anything that will prevent it from functioning properly? Also, where would you suggest injecting the co2? Would it be OK to inject it before the elbow on the top?
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