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Default Boesemani Rob

Hello my name is Rob, I live in Miamisburg, OH. I'm fairly new to aquaria but I am totally addicted to raising fish and plants in my 55 gallon setup. I am always on the search for new info regarding these. My current plants are Amazon Swords, Java Ferns and anacharis. My fish are 2 Clown Loach, 2 Kuhli Loach, 3 Boesemani Rainbows, 1 Turquoise Rainbow, 2 Zebra Danios, 2 Otocinclus, 1 Mono Argentus and 1 Bamboo Shrimp.
I am looking for some more Boesemani Rainbows if anyone knows a guy. Thanks, I look forward to being part of the club!
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