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Default Re: Plants for African Cichlids?


- The plants on that list, are those just ones you tried to grow in general, or are they the plants you tried to grow in with African cichlids? Because I posted that list onto two other forums to weed out what are the true cichlid resistant plants, and someone said a fair few of them can be taken off the list because they would be destroyed.

- And another thing, is that list complete in its entirety, because there's a message at the bottom that reads "Please wait while the page is being loaded. If this message is shown forever, the page did not load. So try again..." so it must just be part of a larger list, could possibly copy and paste the other half of the list on this thread, it would be great if you could.

- I don't know if you are still receiving emails from this thread, but please, please, please respond back
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