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Default Re: Plants for African Cichlids?

Sorry, I haven't checked the forums in some time. IME, certain types of African cichlids are attracted to certain plants, so the key is to determine either the plants you want to keep and choose cichlids that will work with them, or vice versa. Ps. demasoni are my favorite species for planted tanks because they are a dwarf mbuna that only gets a few inches long max and they dig very little. L. caeruleus and Ps. acei are also great but mature males will dig extensively so planting needs to be done securely (in pots, weighted down, attached to wood or rock manually, using epiphytic plants, etc). Moss has never worked in planted ARLC tanks for me but Riccia fluitans has done quite well when attached to round rocks with hairnets. It just takes some experimentation to find the ideal matches between plants and cichlids. And keeping your plants algae free will go a long way toward preventing mbuna from damaging them when grazing the algae.
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