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I rather that interviews are done via e-mails. That way, the interviewee can have more time to articulate a thoughtful response, as opposed to the pressure of time in real time chat. Whatever is missing can be further investigated when the interviewer post the response, like what has been done with Oliver's thread. Maybe before the interview is being conducted, the interviewee can be announced and any questions that we have can be e-mailed to the interviewer, which s/he can then forward to the interviewee.

Interviews via a chat room with lots of folks chatting at the same time would be very hard to follow. I would hardly consider it organized chaos. Plus, it's extra work for whoever has to extract relevant information from the jumble of texts into a sensible article. Agreeing to a time for the interview is also a hassle. Seems like a lot of hassle IMO.

I just don't see what the Chat room can accomplish that cannot be done through the forum. Anyway, I am one of the people that voted NO. Figure I'd speak up.
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