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Default Re: Fe Test Kit & Dtpa/Eddha

I am Peter and the one from Barreport.
And I would like to thank you very much Robert for asking here.
(english is not my native language, so it is sometimes a little bit difficult for me to adress the questions right)

About me: I am a plant lover from Germany.
(what plants I keep in my tanks is listed here: )
During the first years I was using Toms Estimate Index method for fertilzing.
Doing so works fine, but I also noticed that not all Rotalas will get vivid colours if you just "estimate nutritions". So, the idea was born to mix my own fertilizers. Some APC Treads from Zapin like this were also very helpfull for me:

The fertilizer itself contains B, Mg, Mo, Zn (EDTA/citric), Cu (EDTA/Citric) and EDTA-Mn ( I tried Cu/Zn/Mn unchelated first, because I know Seachem Trace didnīt use trace chelators, but doing so hasnīt worked out that good on my own mixture.)
Iron sources: Ferrous Gluconate, FE-EDTA, FE-HEDDTA, Fe-DTPA, FE-EDDHA
(The idea behind this is that the iron will be availible for the plants @different time steps/stages)
Certainly I now want to know if my own fertilizer is well balanced or if there would be any hidden Iron build up. (Fe-EDDHA is very stable stuff)

Unfortunatly, my titration iron test kit is still able to meassure Fe-EDTA, Fe-Gluconate, Fe-Citrate and some parts Fe-HEDDTA - but, it failures on Fe-DTPA, Fe-EDDHA.
So, I am searching for a better test kit.
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