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Default Fish and Plants to give to a good home

Plants and Fish to Give.

Have a bunch of fish/plants to give away to good homes:

The fish:

8x Rose Line Sharks (mature fish, very healthy, as a group only).
2x Red Fin Rainbows
4x rummy nose tetras
3x plecos (peckolita, high fin, standard size bushy nose - none terribly big 2-3")

3 generations of kribensis, not sure how many, but obviously healthy but have not bred since the introduction of plecos.

1x skunk botia (tough and active)

1x upside down catfish (a giveaway from another friend that has lived in this aquarium for 3+ years)

2+x clown loaches (not sure how many, they hide, original group was 6, I see 2 regularly)

The Plants (too many to talk about, but come see for yourself, once the fish are gone plants can all go):

Several anubia nana that came from an original mother plant that took over the tank (literally). Since been broken into 10 or so smaller individual plants.

3x tiger lotus (original mother plant, second plant from root, third from runner). Main plant is huge and beautiful.

1x Spatterdock, huge, healthy and sending up flowers. free.

~20x large crypts (red, cordata I believe - they are nearly 10 years old)

Stem plants out the wazoo!

Anyone who wants a picture can send me a message - happy to oblige.

I live in Tracy, CA (for now!). Local pickup only, I am not shipping this stuff - enough work with the move. Timing to be determined by who is best to take them off my hands.
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