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You make some good points. Thanks.

IME, the chat session will happen only rarely as the interviewee must:

a) be online at a set time for an extended timeframe;
b) usually have prepared statements as no one likes to be interviewed without knowing what at least some of what will be asked; and
c) comfortable doing it.

Therefore, I assume many of the interviews Carlos will do may have to be posted as he's done before.

However, I would envision a chat session proceding in the following manner:

1) a prepared set of questions is sent to the interviewee so that he can prepare responses.

2) the session is moderated by a moderator who will submit the questions to the interviewee and.

3) The system will not allow anyone to post except for the interviewer and interviewee until the Q&A.

4) the interviewee would cut and paste his/her response to the questions provided.

5) Once the Q&A begins, the rules will require folks to expressly raise their hands in order to post a question. You wourk off of this system until all questions have been posed or until time runs out.

6) Moderator has the power to kick anyone who misbehaves off, the system has a "bad word" filter automatically, people that are blocked won't be allowed back into the chat.

7) The moderator or me would take the resulting txt log file and edit it by removing any mistakes, double posts, etc. and then post it to the articles section with a notice in the forum.

8 The interviewee could commit to monitor the forum/article for the next week or two in order to handle follow up questions.

Hopefully, if we don't scare them off, the interviewee would become a member and we can continue to ask them questions.

What do you think?
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