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Default Re: CO2 Cylinders & Refills--Locations and info.

Originally Posted by Gomer View Post
Abe, I edited your thread so that we can use your's as a basis for all Scape CO2 inqueries.

Orange Coundy CO2 Refills

Spectrum Gas in Costa Mesa:
This is where I get all my CO2 refills at. This join mainly deals with the oxygen department (such as all those medical bottles you see). The shop is one of the "industrual garage" outfits. When you go there, just walk up with your cylinder and look for someone who looks like they work there and just ask for a CO2 refill. I have gone there numerous times and they are always very friendly about it.
It used to cost $8 a refill on 5lb. I think it is up to $10 now. There is no "pricing" on it since it isn't a normal service they offer, so just ask how much. You might get lucky at $8 :P I just hand them a $10 and don't ask.
they are no longer in costa mesa they moved to Anaheim

Spectrum Gas Products
2381 E Winston Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 444-0477
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