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Default Re: Mega-Fast Growth Planted Nano Tank

Originally Posted by TaylorDaughtry View Post

I write for TheAquariumGuide, and I've been tasked with building a Nano Tank with the fastest plant growth possible. Luckily, this is a company project, so money isn't an issue! Our goal is to capture the time-lapsed growth of a tank from planting until maturity. We'll be using a Canon Rebel T2i attached to an intervalometer sitting on a desk next to the tank, and—after doing some testing—we've got it so you can actually see the plants growing! (and also any algae that we're terrible at managing!)

I was hoping to have a discussion with everyone about the specific equipment that we can use for this. EHEIM supplied us with a Classic 250, and we're speaking with a few places about a Nano Tank. (We'll also be reviewing the tank setup, as well.)

Here's what we're currently looking at, mostly from an Amazon Retailer that we've had good results with:
  1. EHEIM Classic 250 Filter (donated)
  2. Various Brands of a Nano Tank (5 Gallons or less, likely donated)
  3. CaribSea Eco-Complete Substrate (black)
  4. Finnex Planted+ LED Light (and Moonlights) - 12"
  5. GLA Atomic Nano CO2 Kit (v2)
  6. Dwarf Hairgrass
  7. Java Fern

Anybody have any points they'd like to give us about this stuff, particularly about the ferts? That's one of the few areas where I'm hazy about the specifics.
Java fern and Dhg are not fast growing plants.

Use EI dosing for ferts and crank up co2 very high for fast growth (don't put livestock in)
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