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Well, you're in the right forum if you want to get a tank "cycled" in record time.

Solution for the new tank: Go heavily planted right from the start. You'll need a good substrate, enough light (shoot for 2 wpg or so, more if you're serious about plants), some fertilizers, test kits, and some plants. You can add CO2 if you want.

I'm assuming that your aquariums aren't planted, since you didn't mention it. If you get a good quantity of fast-growing plants (usually stem plants) you can sort of side-step the traditional cycle. The whole issue is ammonia & nitrites. In traditional aquariums you need to wait until enough bacteria have built up to convert ammonia-->nitrites-->nitrates, which are less toxic and sit around until you do a water change.

In planted aquariums, the ammonia and nitrite don't have a chance since the plants greedily suck them up. They'll also consume nitrates. Most people with densely planted tanks end up adding large quantities of potassium nitrate (KNO3), phosphates, and trace elements to keep the plants happy. If the plants are happy then the fish are living in paradise. Besides, well-planted tanks are MUCH enjoyable. Ask anyone on the forum.

Until you get things going you can improvise with frequent large WC's - maybe 50% twice a week. This should keep ammonia and nitrite levels down even with no plants or bacterial colony.

A breeding pair of angels won't tolerate much in the way of other fish. A 30 high is a good choice for angels due to their shape. BTW, send me a PM if you want angel breeding advice. I've raised hundreds of them. There are many, ways to do it correctly and even more ways to do it poorly.
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