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Thanks for the advise.

Quaiac. I'm going to get a bunch more egeria densa from my LFS, as well as some cabomba. Mainly the cabomba for the fry. Also some anubius from my other tanks just for looks.

My battered up angel is looking allot better today. Most of the holes in his fins have filled back in. Some of the smaller missing scales have come back a bit. His behavior is back to normal, swimming about, and wagging his tail when he sees me.

(I'm referring to "Sly" as him. I really don't know yet, but I have always had a feeling that him and the striped one are males, and the gold one as a female. Based solely on their behavior. I could be wrong though. I will find out if I happen to catch them. But based on their behavior The striped one Zeke, and the Black one Sly, are the same sex)

My fish load is going to be the 2 sole angels, and I suppose the fry when they hatch. Providing they don't eat them all. I'm hoping they will be good parents.

I plan on moving the fry once they are large enough to survive on theirt own and raise them in the 55? Is this a good plan? The biggest fish in the 55 are 3 congo tetras 1 male and 2 females, and a dwarf gourami. I think once they are the size of a neon they will be fine. Before they get that big i will probably do daily water changes in the 30. Raise them to the size of nickels, and trade them in. There are 3 main stores in Vancouver I like to shop at, so hopefully I wont get overrun by unwanted fry.

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