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Wrathful, my suggestion would be to give it a haircut first. This will encourage it to send out new growth. I would also submerge the roots, pot and all, but not the leaves. Any new growth from this should be fine underwater. It will be new enough and the leaves delicate enough to adapt to submersed growht. The older, emerged leaves have cell walls that are just to thick to do the plant anygood under water. Thus they die. THe newer growth, especially if it is grown in already very moist conditions should be able to convert fine.. If the current plant is root bound in the pot then I would transplant it into 2 or 3 pots and float them in a hydroponics raft. THe raft can be something as simple as 1" styrofoam. Thats what I use. This floats on the waters surface, keeping the plant itsself above water and prevents light from reaching the water and causing algae. You can then dose the water heavily wiht nutrients to promote speedy growth.. Hope this gives you some ideas
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