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Default Re: Crypt only tanks

Originally Posted by HDBenson View Post
What are your lighting/fert specs rajah 22?
Glad you like it! Lighting is 2 x Finnex fuge ray LEDS. They are raised above the top of the tank a bit so it's not super bright. I've had issues with algae on the rocks in there. 2 x 24 in T5s has also worked fine on that tank.

For ferts I don't dose anything. The substrate is worm castings topped with play sand. I find this cheap and effective. I also added in some red clay, dolomite, K2SO4 and CSM+B to the substrate. Not sure if those things help all that much (I've had crypt tanks with and without those additives - good results with both approaches). I find that these type of substrates do great for a few months and then seem to kind of become less effective - like something runs out. At that point I add root tabs or restart the tank if I want something new. I'm too lazy to dose ferts and do lots of water changes...

That 33g also has pressurized Co2 which really speeds up crypt growth rates and seems to promote production of runners.
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