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Ok here is assemly process as requested. Its not all the steps but hope it helps/shows someone. You have to assemble everything but the instructions are pretty good. If you are mechanically inclined its not a problem at all. The whole process took me probably 1 1/2 - 2 hours taking my time. I had to undo some of my work to make the wiring look better.

Again this is AHS's black 36" hood, and two 2x 36 kits
I have two 5500k lights and two 6700k lights

All the parts (lots of parts)

The underside of the hood

The reflector mounted in hood

Protective coating removed from reflector

The ballasts mounted and some wiring started

Working on the second reflector

The left side complete

All done

And here it is all on.
5500k is in the top right and bottom left
6700k is in the top left and bottom right

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