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Default Re: Crypt only tanks

This is crypt dominated. There is a water sprite fern and some moss as well (a big clump of flame moss and some bits of "messy moss", which is something I collected here in Slovenia but I didn't try to identify it yet. It grows very slowly but steadily, I also haven't decided if it has some added value for aquaria. The name is something I made up.) And oh, there is some bits of Bacopa as well which I am one by one removing. They did better with some CO2, the aquarium is now again low tech and they are declining anyway.

There are currently 9 species/varieties of Cryptocoryne in this aquarium. The fish are suitably asian: zebra barbs and odessa barbs. For those who remember my old topic: the inhabitants have changed rather a lot. I tried a soft water setup before but gave up because of fish diseases and because I didn't manage to get some rarer crypts to grow in the long term. This is just my local tap/spring water again. A surviving softwater crypt is still emersed in the window sill.

Some crypts are still having some emersed leaves and most should grow a lot. I plan to add a branch or two with x-mas moss in the back.
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