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Default Re: Crypt only tanks

And this is crypt only. eh, ... with for contrast a singly Hygrophyla branch straight in the middle (who said something about the rule-of-thirds?). There are just two species of crypts: C. aponogetiifolia and C. affinis, but a wide variety of the latter one. Before I had also C. usteriana in this aquarium, but this plant grew too big. There is only one fish species: Xenotoca "San Marcos", which is not entirely plant/crypt-friendly.

Almost no technique: build in (factory - Juwel) filter with mainly perlon fibre. No heater, no CO2, local tapwater without additives. 2 TL tubes, which are wrapped in some black mesh to reduce the amount of light (would be too strong for some of the plants otherwise). The substrate is pure river sand from a local river. The only fertiliser is some pellets of dried cowdung (for the vegetable garden) which I occasionally stick in the sand when I feel that the plants develop deficiencies, and some fish-poo of course. Compared to what I described earlier in the separate topic this is even more down to earth, but with better growing plants.

p.s. I finally managed to make a photo that gives a realistic impression of this aquarium.
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