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Default Re: Crypt only tanks

Originally Posted by rajah_22 View Post
illustrator - those are gorgeous tanks. I admire the simplicity in your approach. Well done. What species of crypts are in your first tank? Also, what is the temperature range on your tank with no heater? Thanks for posting.

C. aponegetifolia and C. usteriana are two species I would love to grow in the future once I can set up a larger tank.
I am trying a bunch of crypts in this aquarium at this moment. I will probably keep fewer in the future. What is there now:

C. beckettii "Petchii"
C. cordata (obtained as C. xpurpurea)
C. crispatula var. balansae "Brown"
C. nurii
C. spiralis var. caudigera
C. spiralis var. spiralis
C. undulata (regular form, obtained as C. willissi)
C. undulata "Broad Leaves" (triploid form)
C. wendtii (obtained as C. bullosa)

The aquarium without heater is still around 22-25'C because of the room temperature + heat from the lights. In summer it gets a few degrees more. I have one of the C. affinis for a long time at 16'C at my job, it grows very slowly then, but survives well. So there is no need to worry if the temperature would drop a few degrees once in a while.
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