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Default Re: Crypt only tanks

Originally Posted by Tyrone View Post
Beautiful tanks Rajah! In the OP, 1st pic, what is the crypt in the back-right corner? 3rd pic, what is the crypt dead center?

One more question, in your experience and knowledge of crypts, are there any other species of crypts that stay small like crypt parva or close to that?
Thanks! In the first pic the back right plant is actually just a C. wendtii, likely the brown or bronze form. The crypts center in the 3rd pic is actually something I picked up unlabelled from the LFS. It looked very different when I bought it, and honestly I don't know what it is. One guess is C. lutea. Other guesses would be welcome! It's a nice looking plant with neat stripes whatever it is.

Regarding small crypts, I don't know of any that stay as small as C. parva. Some of the hybrids with parva in them, like C. willissi and C. lucens stay somewhat small, but not nearly as small as parva. It is hands down the smallest species to my knowledge.
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