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Default Test kits: the good, bad and ugly

Looking for feed back on test kits for the hobby. Namely NO3, NO2, NH3 and PO4 but also interested in K2SO4, Fe, etc. I test my water after a water change and adjust as necessary.

My experiences:

Nitrate: I've mostly used Aquarium Pharm. Its not expensive but accuracy seems limited to 0 to 20ppm. After that you really can't tell. Even above 10ppm can be a guess.

Nitrite: Aquarium Pharm: inexpensive, easy to read.

NH3: Aquarium Pharm: inexpensive, easy to read.

PO4: I've mostly used Seachem. A bit pricey but I like the reference solution as a check. I tried the Aquarium Pharm one and found it NOT easy to read.

K2SO4: LaMotte. Expensive. Seemed to work well but as with any kit who knows.

What do you all use and what's your experiences/thoughts?
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