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Default Re: Test kits: the good, bad and ugly

I test my parameters after a water change. I have the Hach nitrate nitrogen, ortho-phosphate and iron test kits and the LaMotte potassium kit. I like the Hach kits that uses a color wheel. It is more precise. The initial cost is high and the replacement reagents are just a few dollars more then replacing the whole Nutrafin kit. I think most fish stores do not sell replacement reagents for any of water testing products. So one has to buy the whole kit.
Now I have a few things to say about potassium. My past test results were indicating too much in my water and I was over dosing. So now, when I dose, I keep the expected results lower then my expected results of nitrate. I do not know if this is true or not, but I read an article that stated that it is suspected that too much potassium can interfere with the uptake of nutrients.
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