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i would love to say i have something wrong with my water, but i am very certain that it is exactly on target. my values are as follows:
csm+B and k2so4 added 2-3 times weekly
ph 6.4
kh 4.5
co2: 54ppm
gh 10 (4:1 ratio ca:mg)
lighting 220watts
size 55 gal
co2 injection via pressure co2

this bloody stuff keeps growing and wont respond to nutrient or light changes. it just steadily grows. it its not normal bba. it grows from a point and has hundreds of tiny straight strands that radiate outwards like a bushy- thing. it is very dark green almost black and it is extremely difficult to remove from leaves.
you can see a pic of it here on my website, if you scroll down to the 2nd picture its right by the shrimp's tail in the middle the picture's title is 3/3/05 5:21PM Shrimp cleaning up the place

i was thinking that it might be due to my driftwood. the wood smells a little like sulfur (or maybe thats the bba on it??) so it might be rotting and releasing nutrients. the bba only seems to be growing on the plants above the wood and not really on the stems.

so flourish excel has a reputation for getting rid of bba?
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