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Default Canister filter recomendation

Hey all. I am looking for a canister filter for my 10 gallon. I currently have a Penguin 125 on it and while it is a nice filter, I think a canister might be better. First, do many others use small canisters for 10 gallons and if so what kind? I have been looking at the FLuval 104 and the Eheim 2213. Also, when choosing a canister filter, the recomender flow rate of 4-5 times the capacity of hte tank per hour do not seem to apply, at least to the better filters. I realize that this should mean that they are more efficient but don't we also want a good flow rate for the boundry layer around the plants, nutrient dispersion and to prevent dead spots that could lead to algae "pockets"? I am not sure what to think.

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