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Go to the link and click on "Caridina japonica". You'll notice how there are dashed red lines (or sometimes they look more like "spots") along the sides of the shrimp. I've noticed them being a little bit blue, sometimes a little bit red (NOT the kind of red they turn when they're dying), and this may depend on conditions and diet.

Next, click on "Caridina/Neocaridina sp. 'zeylanica'." This one is typically known (in Singapore) as "Malayan shrimp." Notice that they can vary in color greatly (even from minute to minute - I think they are actually able to camouflage, somewhat) but there is a distinguishing lighter line that runs down their back (like a spine) and about halfway down at a segment, this line sort of "bleeds" to the sides a bit. From what I've seen, when they are stressed, they take on a beige color, which makes them look like a very small Singapore shrimp (without the fans, of course).

Hope this helps a little.

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