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That's good. Not to say that Malayan shrimp are totally useless... They're just not very useful for algae-eating. But I love them because they don't die on me the way cherry, tiger, bee and blue shrimp do. I'd have to say that they're just as tough as Amano shrimp, and are more colorful. Their algae-eating capabilities are probably the same as Neocaridina spp. - basically, one full-grown female Amano shrimp could probably do the job of five of these other types.

Anyway, the LFS where I usually get my shrimp sells "algae-eating shrimp." This usually comes in as (more or less) an even mix of Amano shrimp and Malayan shrimp. Nobody at the store can tell the difference (I'm not sure why) so I have to point out the specific ones I want. There are several people on Frank's Freshwater Shrimp Forum that have ended up with Malayan shrimp when they thought they were getting Amanos. At smaller sizes, they do look very similar to an untrained eye. When they're a little bigger, the differences are more obvious.

Well, enjoy! You'll have a very clean tank .

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