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Default BIG pond planning.

Hi all. I have a HUGE pond coming soon (within the next few years). It will be roughly 27,000 gallons probably less because of its odd size. So I needed compatability advice.

It will consist of an outdoor pond, having multiple shelves all the way from 1ft to 6-7 feet deep. It is strictly south American biotope with an exception to the bog plants. I am planning on lots of hornwort and Echinodorus species along with some Ludwigia and hair grass. Some mangroves for the shallows, and LOTS of driftwood and a large 1ft deep bog. Lilly pads, hyacinth, and water lettuce will be in the pond as well.

As for the fish, I definitely wanted 3-5 silver arowana.

The smaller fish I was not so sure about. With all the hiding places for them I think they would be fine with the arowana. I was looking into


Angelfish (scalare)

Cardinal tetra


If you have any other suggestions let me know, but I need them to be South American, but no FW rays as I will be in the pond for maintenance.

I also need a lot of algae eaters. I will size my filter based on my fish population.

Thanks in advance, if you need any more information let me know, but I have not figured out everything yet. -Alex M
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